Democratic Republic of CONGO

For more than a decade, the Shalom University has helped focus on restoring human rights to the Mbuti Pygmy people of the Congo, who have endured years of forced slavery by the region's Bantu tribe. Through the efforts of our partners Shalom University, Fight for the Forgotten, and Water4, a negotiation was made to purchase the freedom of Pygmy slaves by offering both the oppressed and the oppressors what they desperately needed: clean water.

The People: Mbuti Pygmies

Rain Forrest tribe. Peaceful families. Non-threatening hunters and gathers. Reverent dwellers. Kind spirits. Under constant attack.

The Problem

Born into slavery. Victims of cannibalism. Treated as animals. Threatened by parasites. Plagued by dirty water.

Current Work

Along with our partners, END the THIRST is working to help drill wells as a means to provide freedom - using clean water as a negotiating tool to release the Pygmies from their current slavery. The wells enable an opportunity for a future and the resulting land purchases have given the Pygmies approximately 2,500 acres of their own - FREEDOM. Two in-country drilling teams continue to provide new wells, proper hygiene practices and farming techniques to allow ongoing sustainability.  

Future needs

  • Medications for parasites
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Funding for schools
  • Improved housing


In order to continue improving life for the Pygmies, the monthly operating budget is around $12,000/month.  The vision is ultimiately to support 10 drilling teams that can produce over 100 wells/year!

Watch to learn more about how water is providing freedom from slavery in the Congo.